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Certified Shipping and Freight Forwarding Professional (CSFFP)

With globalisation, supply chains are stretching, as globally-sourced manufacturing grows, and shipping lines get busier than ever. The demands of world trade are increasing and logistics issues are and will continue to be a top priority for every multinational. As such, the efficiency of supply chain is becoming an increasingly essential component in the worldwide flow of goods and services; airport and port operators are striving to meet the rapidly expanding needs of customers.

Multinationals, conglomerates and individual companies are looking to enhance the quality and efficiency of their services in order to survive in a competitive business environment. As a result, logistics/shipping professionals are in great demand and are being offered exciting job opportunities. Evidently a new set of skills are required to match the dynamism & enthusiasm of a new world of business.

The CSFFP training and certification course in Shipping, Freight Forwarding and International Trade is aimed at honing the skills of officers, junior managers, as well as experienced executives without formal training.

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