Dr.Abdullah Kaid Al-Swidi, Assistant Professor, College of Business & Economics Qatar University | Blue Ocean Academy | Blue Ocean Academy
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Dr.Abdullah Kaid Al-Swidi, Assistant Professor, College of Business & Economics Qatar University

Despite my vast experience as an assistant professor of TQM, production and Operations Management and Decision Making at Qatar university; a trainer and a trainee received training from various international training institutions, I found the Blue Ocean Academy to be different from many aspects. I, therefore, will be always proud to get the chance to have a training program at this professional training institution.


The uniqueness of BOA could be easily noticed from the very first interaction with Mr. Mohammed Irfan, the sales manager, who proved to be very professional in convincing the clients and attract them to be loyal and promoting clients. I appreciate his positive way of interaction and facilitating the planning and implementation of the program.


I benefited very much from the depth theoretical and practical knowledge possessed by Mr. Percy, the trainer of the IPSCM program. As an academic I was so impressed by his ability to bring the theoretical knowledge into practice in discussing so many real life scenarios. Despite the fact that all the trainees, including me, have been working in the supply chain field for many years, he has always the knowledge we needed and the solutions we sought.


Not only the knowledge of the trainer that made the program success, but also his interactive thought provoking training style. This style helped to bring the knowledge and experience of all the participants together to encourage cross learning. His training style created a positive learning environment where many real life cases were brought to discussion. Thank you BOA for giving me the chance to attend Mr. Percy’s training. In addition to that, the content of the course was up to date aligned with the new trends in the field and focused to serve the needs of the participants. I liked the way by which the content of the course was organized and presented.


Due to these qualities regarding the course, training style and overall course organization and above all that the international recognition, I encourage my friends to qualify themselves professional by joining BOA and recommend it to their friends as well. Thank you Blue Ocean Academy providing me such great training and learning experience and pushing me forward in professional certification path.


Thank you Mr. Mohammed Irfan for being so responsive, cooperative and supportive. Thank you Mr. Percy for providing such great knowledge in a very unique training style.

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