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Latifa Tower, Dubai
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Eltayeb Osman, Supply Chain, Ezentus FZE Dubai Airport Freezone

I would like to give my feedback on the wonderful experience I had with Blue Ocean and share with you how I feel. I received an advise from a friend who recommended Blue Ocean to me when I was looking for supply chain certification. I took his advice and recommendation with some scepticism and I registered to CISCP training, I still remember the first day I met you in the office, and honestly I was impressed with the professionalism and hospitality from every one of the Blue Ocean team. CISCP & CISCM certificate have really put a the excellence mark on my career as a Supply Chain Professional specially with in this
region (Africa & ME & GCC).


The CISCP & CISCM knowledge helped me to recognise the value as a guiding principle to deliver & execute superior managerial performance with significant business impact. After feeling the impact of my first experience at Blue Ocean on my direct professional life and how it helped me realize my hidden potential in how to connect with people and thanks to Dr. Sathya Menon for that his words were as a bonus training in addition to what I registered for.


The positive impact I gained from CISCP & CISCM made me come back for more and I registered for the CICCM and this was again a huge added value in both sides professionally and spiritually and it was also again another important step on my journey to archive supply chain professional excellence. At last I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to all Blue Ocean team and specially to you my friend for giving me the chance to be associated with this wonderful training organisation. I
have also started working as an advocate for Blue ocean in our organisation and so far 4 of our colleagues in our organisation have attended Blue ocean trainings in Supply Chain, Total Quality management, Procurement and more to follow inshallah.

Blue Ocean Academy
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