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Practising Time and Stress Management at Workplace

A life without stress will be wonderful, but it is impossible. Every person will experience stress at some point in their life regardless of the field in which they are working. However, leading a pleasant professional and personal life depends on how you deal with...

Tips to Improve Your Business Writing Skills

Do you know that a single spelling mistake can snatch away sales from you? In business communication, every word that you utter or write makes an impression about you that can adversely or positively affect your sales. A poorly-written business proposal may cost you...

Everything you should know about emotional intelligence

Everything you should know about emotional intelligence

Several times, you would have said that someone is not professional. Certain behavior from you might also have made other people say the same comment about you. So, what is the quality which makes you professional? Professionalism is simply, the conduct, behavior, and...

Understanding the basics of Six Sigma certification

Understanding the basics of Six Sigma certification

To err is human. However, some errors come at a price. Reducing errors is the prime task of individuals working in all industries. It has become easier with the advent of the technologies which help to reduce human errors to a certain extent. Despite the care taken by...

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