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Gain the Freight Forwarding Professional Skills Imprinted on your Resume

Freight forwarders throughout the world plan and execute all type of transportation modes. They have a wide variety of responsibilities to be carried out like researching routes, making arrangements for shipments and monitoring its rates and providing quotes to customers, managing transportation documentation etc. Freight forwarders have to communicate closely with shippers, carriers, packaging companies, […]

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Certified Purchasing Professional & Manager: Way for Career Advancement

A Certification in  Purchasing management oversee all the facets of procurement in an organization, wholesale or a retail company. They have a wide variety of activities to be accomplished hiring, training and coordination such as purchasing agents, buyers who are fully involved in buying products. They also handle discrepancies related to service of their products […]

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Six Sigma Green Belt Certification for Career Enhancement

Undergoing a training and earning six sigma certification has a long term benefit on your career. Six sigma green belt training program offer you an all new career with a higher payment. Six sigma prove its benefits in any organization. The methodology was adopted by Motorola in 1986. The impact has led to being adopted […]

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Certified Supply Chain Manager: A Better Career Prospect

Certified supply chain professional, abbreviated as CISCP/CISCM intends to mould the individuals to a level of world class supply chain managers and increase their leadership skills. Every principle related to supply chain will be taught in the institutions. Being a CISCP certification denotes that they are strong in SCM and will be able to impart […]

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Advantages of Certification in Human Resource Management

Append value to your organization and career by undergoing a Certification in Human Resource management  which act as a synonym for success in the field of human resource management. Owning this certification enables you to grasp the advanced concept of how to handle HR operations for better prospects of your company. Following are some of […]

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Essential Supply Chain International Certifications For Professionals

Numerous certifications float around the professional arena for those who are looking for a jump in their career to do more challenging tasks in the supply chain area. These certifications does a inventive task of rendering the professionals into a more suitable candidate for the job market. Benefits of Earning a Certified International Supply Chain […]

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Mould yourself to a Certified Purchasing Professional Manager

Who is a Purchasing Manager ? Purchasing managers are the ones who observes and directs the procurement activities of any kind of business whether it is a retail or wholesale. They are solely responsible for hiring, training and synchronizing the entire activities of buyers, purchasing agents or the sellers to keep in pace with the […]

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Outstanding Courses for Six Sigma Green and Black Belt Certifications

  The Six Sigma process evaluates the total number of defects in a process and eliminates those systematically such that they are not more than 3.4 per million opportunities. This helps in achieving near-perfect products. The business world recognizes that Six Sigma professionals know how to streamline business processes and eliminate unnecessary expenses to foster […]

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Importance of Contract Management Certification for Efficient Career Improvement

A company that need to arrange formal business agreements with another company often employs one or more contract managers. The role of these managers is to coordinate the deal-making process and ensure that both parties know their deliverables, rights and responsibilities. The legally binding nature of the field requires that its professionals are highly knowledgeable […]

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Become a Human Resource Professional with Short Term HR Management Coaching

A survey found that HR certified professionals earn more money than their uncertified counterparts. Their pay difference is more apparent in higher level management positions than in the lower ones. Further, a candidate with a Certification in Human Resource Management  is more likely be selected for a job than an uncertified candidate. HR Certification Institute’s 2008 […]

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