Certified Purchasing Professional (CPP)

From the American Purchasing Society, USA

International sourcing emerged initially as a reactive approach designed to reduce production costs and neutralize the threat of foreign competition. Today, leading edge firms have shifted the focus of their international sourcing efforts to that of a proactive strategy that pursues a sustainable competitive advantage. The challenge of all purchase specialists and managers is to explore best practices in international sourcing that positively impact a firm’s competitiveness.

The CPP is meant for all purchasing professionals who need the right credentials and skills to set themselves firmly on the road of success. This is a foundation course that helps a professional to understand the basic tenets of international sourcing, procurement and risk management. This course is ideal for procurement and supply chain professionals who are already working in the procurement department of any organization and need a certification for a promotion or to validate their knowledge and professionalism.

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Blue Ocean offered me a certification from the No. 1 purchasing association.

—Mr. Anthony

You are truly the best training organisation I have ever experienced.

—Ms. Widad

It really made a difference to my professional outlook and approach to work.

—Mr. Joji

The faculty panel at Blue Ocean was par excellence.

—Mr. Abbas Salman

The trainers are great and the learning was a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

—Mr. Amir Shahbaz Hussain

I would recommend everyone to take this course.

—Mr. Ariel

This training was relevant to my actual work.

—Mr. Arpan Biswas

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