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When we were asked to stay at home, some people continued working to ensure that we are safe. They stayed away from their family, quarantined themselves after duty and worked day and night for our wellbeing. No words can express the gratitude towards these people who were at the forefront of the battle against COVID-19. Blue Ocean Academy salutes these heroes and provides an opportunity for them to undergo free training in our courses. Thank you Khaleej Times and Gulf Today for your support.

Blue Ocean Academy has received overwhelming support from the prominent media in the UAE for providing free training to the UAE nationals.

Blue Ocean Academy has received overwhelming support from the prominent media in the UAE for providing free training to the UAE nationals. UAE and its people have been supporting us throughout our long journey and this is the time when we should contribute back to society. All UAE nationals can avail free online training in our courses till May 30. We hope it will help people come out of this crisis with an additional qualification to boost their careers. We are grateful to the media for providing great coverage for our initiative which has certainly increased its reach to the public.

Blue Ocean Academy to conduct free training for Omanis

Muscat: Blue Ocean Academy, the leading knowledge empowerment enterprise in the Middle East, will conduct free online training for Omani nationals.

The academy has come up with several initiatives to support individuals to continue education in these tough times. Free training sessions are also conducted for the UAE nationals and Blue Ocean’s students to promote the remote learning programmes in the Middle East. Thousands of professionals have benefitted from its free training initiatives and the new initiative for Omani nationals is introduced to express its gratitude to a nation that has contributed greatly towards the firm’s growth and expansion.

Blue Ocean Women Leadership Development (BOWLD) EmpowHer Conference

Blue Ocean Women Leadership Development (BOWLD) EmpowHer Conference created an exceptional platform for women to unite, rejoice and motivate each other on International Women’s Day. Hundreds of top women professionals attended the conference held at Hotel Crowne Plaza on March 8, 2020. The inspiring speeches and insightful panel discussions took the event to the next level.

Dr. Zulekha Daud was honoured on the day with the Lifetime Achievement Award in Healthcare. Several other women also won awards for their exemplary efforts in their respective fields. We are overwhelmed with your great feedback and thank you for joining us on BOWLD Conference.

Realising dreams through competence - Blue Ocean Academy trains minds and carves out a path of innovation for businesses

Innovative thinking and a distinct approach always make headlines. Appearing in the media has never been new to Blue Ocean. However, we are extremely happy to see the article in Khaleej Times in which Dr. Sathya Menon talks about Blue Ocean’s strategy and plans for 2020.

Blue Ocean features in 'The Knowledge Review' -

UAE’s 10 Most Promising Educational Consultants in 2019.

The esteemed Six Sigma certification at Blue Ocean Academy

Blue Ocean Academy was featured in the ‘Higher Education Review’ for its prestigious Six Sigma certification that ensures quality improvement in organizations. As one of the pioneers of Six Sigma training in the Middle East, Blue Ocean offers Green and Black Belt certification from the US-based International Quality Federation (IQF) for aspiring professionals.

Blue Ocean Academy provides coaching for medical, engineering students

Blue Ocean Academy was featured in ‘The Gulf Today’ for providing coaching for medical and engineering students in Dubai. Professional coaching was provided for India’s top rated engineering and medical college entrance examinations through the academy’s subsidiary Career Institute. Career Institute and Resonance Eduventures Kota, Rajasthan had entered into an agreement to start the first Resonance Career Institute study centre near Burjuman in Dubai.

Blue Ocean Academy hosts former Indian Captain Mohammed Azharuddin in Dubai

Blue Ocean Academy hosted former Indian Captain Mohammed Azharuddin in Dubai as part of the first anniversary celebrations of leading cricket coaching academy, Kricket Spero. The students at the Kricket Spero academy gave a rousing welcome to Azharuddin. The article was published in the ‘Khaleej Times’.

Blue Ocean Academy’s first international conference on procurement

‘The Gulf Today’ published an article about Blue Ocean Academy’s first international conference on procurement. ‘The Purchasing and International Procurement 2014’ focussed on the theme ‘Evolution in Procurement: Challenges Ahead’. Eminent professionals from the world of purchase, international procurement and supply chain in the Middle East attended the conference.

Workplace Freedom Delivers Better Results

Workplaces worldwide are in a state of flux. Employees are clamouring for empowerment and freedom while managements are struggling to keep a balance between discipline and workplace rights. All the time, management control is imperative for productivity and profitability. Blue Ocean Academy, Expert Advice, Gulf News,

Power of positives in a world of negatives

Power of Positive : A happy workplace may not be Utopia. Professional relationships are fragile but worth working for keeping in mind sustainable business and individual career goals,

Embracing conflicts in the workplace

Being nice or accommodating is no longer in vogue particularly at the workplace. Seriously, if you have burnt your fingers in a conflict, and held out an olive branch afterwards for the sheer fear of being branded ‘controversial’, the time has come to face the truth. By avoiding conflict, you are giving out a clear signal that you are a victim. Gulf News, Expert Advice Column,

A smart storyteller's role in this digital age

If you are a good story-teller, you are in demand. Story telling has always been important and formed the essence of all successful communicators from Socrates to Dale Carnegie.

In today’s digital age, as story-telling becomes an integral part of building a strong brand and culture, story-tellers are being specially head-hunted to build a “credible culture” and a “corporate conscience.”