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Office management training will help you develop an assertive and organised approach for managing people and processes in your office, to facilitate harmonious and productive working. It includes key management skills and planning techniques to improve information flow and achieve objectives.

This training and certification course is aimed at honing the skills of Officers, Junior Managers, Receptionist, Secretaries, Executive PA’s and executive who want to specialize in Business Administration and Management.

Grow your career in Office Administration & Management with an international qualification!

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Course Module Contents
Business, Management & Administration


What is Business

Business Environment

Organizational Structures

What is Management

Function of Management

Office Administration


Business Communication Types of Communication

7cs of Communication

Listening Skills

Business Writing Skills

Forms of Business Writing

Organizing Effective Meetings

Presentation Skills

Team Building


Teams Vs Groups

Stages for Team Development

Team Management Skills

Building Relationships

Effective Negotiation

Assertive Skills

Types of Boss

Leadership Skills


Cross Cultural Etiquettes, Telephone Etiquettes  & Customer Service Cross Cultural Business Etiquettes

Telephone Etiquettes

Stages of call

Taking Messages

Transferring Calls

Voice Mail messages

Impatient Callers

Building Customer Relationships

Handling Customer Grievances

Time Management Benefits of Time Management

Principles of Time Management

How to Prioritize

Knowing your Energy Cycle

Eisenhower Matrix

Pareto’s Principle

Dealing with Procrastination

Personal Development







Office Management

Importance of Personal Development.

Developing your self-esteem and Confidence

SWOT Analysis

Johari Window

Stress Management


Office and Inventory Management

Records Management

Petty Cash & Invoices

Managing Events and Travels



Fundamentals of Projects



Introduction to HR


Managing Projects

Project, Programs & Portfolio

Phases of Projects

Challenges faced in Projects


Importance of HR

Nature and Scope of HRM

Functions of HR

Roles of HR



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