7 Quality Tools For Process Improvement

Organizations seeking ways to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and deliver exceptional results, is not a new thing in the business landscape. One proven approach to achieving these goals is through the systematic application of quality management principles. At the heart of quality management lies the concept of process improvement which is the efforts made continuously to identify, analyze, and optimize business processes to achieve better outcomes.


Central to the toolkit of any process improvement practitioner are the 7 Quality Tools. These tools, originally popularized by Japanese quality expert Kaoru Ishikawa, provide a structured framework for diagnosing problems, identifyong root causes, and implementing effective solutions. From simple graphical techniques to sophisticated statistical methods, the 7 Quality Tools offer a versatile arsenal for driving continuous improvement across diverse industries and organizational functions.


Join us for the webinar, to explore the power and potential of the 7 Quality Tools for process improvement.

Webinar Highlights:


  • Discover the essential 7 Quality Tools and how they can revolutionize your approach to process improvement.
  • Learn practical techniques for implementing these tools effectively in your organization.
  • Gain insights into real-world case studies showcasing the transformative impact of the 7 Quality Tools.
  • Get expert guidance on overcoming common challenges and maximizing the benefits of process improvement initiatives.


Meenal Saxena
Customer service, Training, and Operational excellence

Meenal Saxena brings with her more than 17 years of extensive expertise in customer service, training, and operational excellence. She holds a deep-seated passion for aiding customer-centric organizations in optimizing their critical processes and systems. In her current capacity, Meenal spearheads strategic initiatives aimed at elevating customer experience, operational efficiency, and overall quality throughout the organization.


As a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and ASQ Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence, Meenal possesses a wealth of experience in business process reengineering, change management, and portfolio and program management. She has a proven track record of delivering multiple award-winning projects, leading to substantial cost savings, enhanced productivity, and heightened customer satisfaction.

  • Forum :Quality Management
  • Seminar :Quality Management Webinar
  • Topic :7 Quality Tools For Process Improvement
  • Date :05th May 2024 (Sunday)
  • Time :6.00 PM – 9.00 PM (Dubai, UAE Time)
  • Phone :+971 545 815 618
  • Speaker :Meenal

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