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Being a  Purchasing Manager isn’t an easy thing. The position demands them to possess diverse skills to excel in their job. Here we have listed the top eight of those.

Judgment and Decision Making

Good judgment and decision making are essential for purchasing professional certification. As a purchasing professional, you need to be sensible and evaluate your decisions by the process, rather than by the randomness of events.

Detail Spotting

To be a successful procurement professional, you not only need to be detail oriented, but also be able to spot the intricate details inside the details. For, only a minute difference exists between a product becoming a hit and a product becoming an all-out disaster.


For prospering in the field of purchasing, you need to have the skill to prioritize activities. For this, you should be able to efficiently evaluate potential worse case scenarios and instantly rank the tasks in the order of which ones need to be immediately dealt with and which can be put off to a later time.


The purchasing role requires that you keep counteracting the issue in every angle until you find the right path to your production goals. So, persistence is an important skill required for purchasing professionals

Flexibility and Adaptability

Market fluctuations and alterations in your product design can have an instantaneous rippling effect on every area of your business operation. Your role requires you to bend and adapt to these unexpected turns.

Relationship Building

Relationship building is a crucial skill every purchasing professional must have and develop. Building and nurturing relationships can help you make the best out of every circumstance presented to you. Additionally, you should be able to regularly refresh connections so that you can take advantage of those.


A negotiation skill doesn’t mean only the ability to buy things at the lowest prices possible. For, it also includes communicating regarding product quality, date of delivery, future relations, etc. A good negotiator will be able to gain the best value from a seller while still continuing a good business relationship with him.


Integrity is the most important requirement in most professions; in case of procurement it assumes even more significance. Integrity simply means saying what you mean and doing what you say. Integrity enables people to rely on you. This in turn will aid you to be well respected both within and outside your company.

In order to develop these skills and many more required in purchasing professionals, it is necessary that you take up certification programs. We encourage you to enrol in any of the purchasing professional certification courses offered by the Blue Ocean Academy.

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