Advanced Selling Skills training course aims to fulfil the following objectives upon successful completion:

  • Develop skills related to face-to-face interaction with prospects and buyers for successful selling
  • Developing skills leading to lead generation and collecting information crucial for the organization
  • Understand various methods of selling and selling strategies
  • Inculcating skills of prospecting and negotiation
  • Understand the necessity of follow-up to maintain long term relationship with customers


Marketing fundamentals

  • Meaning of marketing
  • Selling vs. Marketing
  • Concepts of marketing: product concept, selling concept, marketing concept, holistic marketing concept, social marketing concept
  • Overview of marketing management and its significance in an organization

Fundamentals of Sales and Sales management

  • Component of sales management: planning, organizing, controlling
  • Sales Management by Objective
  • Sales organization
  • Defining sales structure

Understanding concepts of Selling

  • Types of selling: Direct selling, Relationship selling, Partnership selling
  • Types of selling tasks
  • Types of market intermediaries
  • The setting of selling objectives
  • Different types of selling positions
  • Process of Selling

Professional Selling

  • Role of a professional salesperson
  • Importance of gathering value
  • Types of selling strategies
  • Personal selling
  • Sales cycle, generating leads
  • Conducting sales calls
  • Improving conversion ratios
  • Lead scoring

Understanding the customer’s perspective

  • Types of sales relationships: Transactional, functional
  • Types of customers
  • Ethical challenges faced by a salesperson
  • Understanding the cultural traits of the customer
  • Buying decision- five stages model
  • Decision heuristics

Conducting market research

  • Analysing the market environment
  • Why is marketing research important?
  • Process of market research, setting up a research plan
  • Types of research: Focus groups, surveys
  • Utilising marketing intelligence system

Sales Negotiations and Follow-up

  • Understand objections from the customers
  • Handling objections
  • Product demonstration
  • Understanding signals
  • Closing sale and implementing transaction
  • Follow-up

Sales reporting and Cost analysis

  • Sales audit
  • Conducting sales analysis
  • Types of sales quota
  • Establishing sales territories
  • The basis for territory establishment
  • International Selling
  • Global practices and Standards
  • Case studies