Artificial Intelligence disrupting global learning and intelligence – IHRC Keynote by Douglas Kent

Artificial Intelligence's ability to translate huge amounts of complex and cryptic information into real insights has started driving transformations across industries. The potential that Artificial Intelligence has is fascinating. The speaker, Douglas Kent, will talk more about it.
They have favorable effects on enhancing performance, boosting productivity, and cutting down on time. Due to that, digital technology and electronic intelligence have become an important necessity in business. But how do we make sure we choose the proper technology and know how to use it wisely so that we can improve the work system, add value to it, and effectively address the difficulties of the present?
IHRC Speaker Douglas Kent, Executive Vice President - Strategy and Alliances at the Association for Supply Chain Management (<a href="">ASCM</a>). Douglas Kent presented insights on “Artificial Intelligence Disrupting Global Learning and Intelligence”. It highlighted how systems that can learn and evolve through experience, and how AI can undertake certain tasks with greater efficiency and scale than a human could.
IHRC Speaker Douglas Kent is the Association for Supply Chain Management's (ASCM's) Executive Vice President of Strategy and Alliances. Insights on "Artificial Intelligence Disrupting Global Learning and Intelligence" were offered by Douglas Kent. It demonstrated how artificial intelligence (AI) can perform some activities more effectively and at a larger scale than a human could, as well as how systems that can learn and improve through experience.



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