Who Should Attend?

This course is essential for anyone who deals with different personalities and challenging, or difficult situations, in the workplace, or remotely – whether they are customers, managers, colleagues, suppliers, etc.

Course Objectives

  • To increase self-esteem and self-confidence when dealing with difficult situations
  • To be able to identify your own behavioural style and that of others
  • To learn the difference between aggressive, passive, and assertive behaviours
  • To learn how to use a variety of assertiveness techniques
  • To improve communication and interpersonal skills
  • To have the opportunity to practise new behaviours in a safe and supportive environment

Program Content

  • What Is ‘Assertiveness’?
    > What It Is Not
    > Why We Need It
  • Different Behavioural Styles
    > What Are The Indicators Of Each Style?
    > Understanding How To Adapt To Each Style
    > Practising How To Build Effective Relationships
  • Assertiveness Techniques
  • Transactional Analysis: Understanding How And When To Use It
  • Workable Compromise
    > ‘Win-Win’
  • Role-Plays