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Free Training Courses for Omani Nationals

It has been a rewarding experience to support the Omani nationals by providing complimentary online training in challenging times. While the whole world is facing the fear of layoff and financial difficulties, the decision of Blue Ocean Academy to offer complimentary...

Interview Preparation Post COVID – Free Webinar

Blue Ocean Academy has conducted a free webinar on the topic ‘Interview Preparation Post COVID’. Around 70 participants attended the informative and insightful webinar. Following are the important points discussed in the webinar: While many organizations are...

Complimentary Training Courses for Emiratis

After a few months of uncertainty, UAE is gradually returning to normal life, thanks to the sedulous efforts of the UAE government and the healthcare workers. Blue Ocean Academy, the award-winning organization, has always stood strong during the crisis and supported...

Simple Methods to Improve Employee Engagement at Workplace

Are your employees happy? Most of the employers often mistake happiness for engagement. Happy employees aren’t necessarily engaged employees. Employee engagement is a factor that every employer has to consider. It has the power to make or break your organization. What...

Lean Six Sigma Methodology and Applications- Free Webinar

Blue Ocean Academy conducted a free webinar on ‘Lean Six Sigma Methodology and Applications’. The webinar was facilitated by Dr Farrukh Kidwai, who has over 25 years of experience in implementing Six Sigma tools and methodologies in varied industries across the globe....

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