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The complete guide to blue ocean strategy

The complete guide to blue ocean strategy

Blue ocean strategy Some ideas are revolutionary to the extent that they can influence a large number of people. Great innovations don’t happen out of the blue. It requires perseverance and hard work. While some businesses fail to survive in the competitive market,...

Logistics Training in Dubai

Logistics Training in Dubai

Increase your Earning Potential!Get an Internationally Accredited Certification in Logistics and Supply Chain Management and Shape your career path Blue Ocean Academy is an award winning ISO certified training institution. We are the...

Get the HR Qualification you Deserve

Increase Your Earning PotentialGet a renowned HR certification and shape your Career path. Certified Human Resource Professional/ Manager (CHRP/CHRM) course is designed to create competitive HR professionals by providing world class training. The HR program...

Contracts Management Training Dubai October 25

Learn & implement the modern Contracts Management and Contracts Administration strategies that can save your company millions The overall aim of this course is to provide participants with the necessary key skills needed to successfully manage their contracts...

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