Bridging Gaps between Infrastructure and Knowledge

UAE is fast becoming the logistics hub of the world vying with Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Manchester for top honours. What the country needs today is a new generation of logistics leaders: dynamic, skillful, innovative and tech-savvy whocan effectively bridge the existing gap between knowledge and infrastructure in the region. The Dubai World Central Logistics Park is nearing completion near the Jebel Ali Free Zone with a projected logistics turnover of 12 million tonnes of air cargo annually. When the Maktoum International Airport opens its doors, UAE’s logistics handling capacity will also increase manifold. New jobs are being created every year in the UAE and in other Middle East countries. Challenging opportunities await those who can captain the industry in the future. Trained manpower is needed to match the ongoing boom in infrastructure. Bridging Gaps between Infrastructure and KnowledgeCase studies have revealed that a majority of those working in the logistics sector have no specialized training in logistics or supply chain functions. Instead, they are professionals drawn from different streams of engineering and science and sometimes even humanities –who have learned on the job but lack expertise and awareness of global best practices. Also with the global supply chain function become increasingly complex, a greater understanding of the international logistics and supply chain industry is needed for specialists. What with the Logistics infrastructure in the Middle East undergoing massive transformation, and a large number of multinationals shifting base to UAE, there is an urgent need now for logistics professionals who can think globally but act locally. The Logistics and Supply Chain industry has fashioned lucrative careers for thousands of professionals in the Middle East and with a boost infrastructure and facilities, their career is expected to follow an upward trajectory. An internationally certified logistics professional with considerable experience can demand a monthly salary of Dhs. 30,000 plus. Entry level salaries would range from Dhs. 8-12,000. Those who are grooming themselves for a senior management role, need to focus on global best practices, breakthrough research and cutting edge technology that has revolutionised the industry in the last decade. Tips As a logistics professional you need • Expertise • Awareness of global best practices • Ability to think globally but act locally Mr. Sathya Menon is the Academic Director of Blue Ocean Academy, Dubai.


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