About the Program:

Change agent is a two day 16 hour training which gives hand on experience to manage organizational change with tools and techniques

Who  should attend

Change Management Practitioners, Project Managers, Change leaders, Continuous Improvement and IT professionals, Human Resources and Organizational Development Professionals, Project Team Members

Course Objectives

1. Develop a working knowledge of the  Change management  Methodology
2. Identify the potential organizational and individual resistance that will impact the success of a change
3. Design, build, & implement an initial change management strategy and project plan
4. Define the impact of organizational culture and history on successful implementations
5. Design Communication, Learning, Reinforcement, and Sponsor Development action plans that address stakeholder resistance and appropriately modify behavior
6. Develop a basic plan to monitor project results to make sure that desired business outcomes are satisfied

What you will gain

People resist change. Managed Change ensures your people accept it. Whether you are looking to expand your career in your organization as a leader of change or to grow your change management consulting practice, our Change Agent Certification is your first step to realizing your ambitions.

Course Outline