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Certified Human Resource Professional

The Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP) and the Certified Human Resource Manager (CHRM) programs at Blue Ocean Academy are designed for the individuals who wish to learn the art of managing people during uncertain times. An international certification from the American Certification Institute (ACI) will help you to understand the best global practices in the industry and earn higher salaries when compared to your untrained peers.

Program Highlights

  • Strategically Integrated HR
  • Job Analysis
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Learning & Development
  • Performance Management
  • Total Rewards & Strategic Pay plans
  • UAE Labor Laws
  • Strategic HR Implementation
  • Organizational Design & Diversity
  • HR Operations & Automation
  • HR in Global Context
  • HR Budget & Audit
  • HR Process Excellence

Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP) Training in Dubai, Abu Dhabi

The Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) gives you a head start in the world of professional HR. With this course you develop a professional acumen and an insight to deal with core HR issues. Here the focus is on mechanics of organizational change, then the spotlight moves on to the competencies required to manage both people and processes.
Human Resource Management nowadays is not just about employing people or drafting work policies; it is also about being able to rapidly respond to customer’s global needs. CHRP is the most prestigious certification available for the HR professionals which is designed by the American Certification Institute (ACI) CHRP Course Contents

Certificate in Human Resources Management (CHRM) Training in Dubai, Abu Dhabi

The Advanced Human Resource Management Course addresses issues facing seasoned human resource (HR) professionals and managers who want to add value and innovation to the functions of HR within their organization.
This advanced course is focused on managerial aspects of HR such as Strategically aligned HR, Developing HR Policies and Procedures, Job Analysis and Job Descriptions, Manpower Planning, Budgeting in HR, ROI on Training, Effective Performance Appraisals, HR Audit and Establishing Effective Pay Plans.
CHRM tag will help you take on greater challenges in Human Resource Management function. In today’s world most of the people working in HR or Administration requires superior knowledge and qualification which can help them implement the policies and procedures aligned to the organizational objectives.
The ACI-CHRM course precisely helps the participants to achieve that objective – get a professional qualification and get hands on, practical training for implementation. CHRM is suitable for those who are already working in a managerial position in HR, leading a team of people or individual projects. CHRM Course Contents

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Faculty Profile

John Ellis
John Ellis, from the UK, is a Senior Industry Professional, NLP Life Coach and Executive Mentor. He practices with hundreds of executives every year and thousands of people have attended John’s motivational talks and seminars. He is the author of a book, ‘The 28 Golden Rules of Personal and Business Success’. John is a highly qualified & certified trainer for Human Resource Professionals and have conducted training programs across the middle east for last 25 years .

John has developed a multitude of companies in various industries such as Aviation, Aerospace, Automotive, Travel, Health, Marine, Tourism, Safety and Security. He is also experienced in mergers and acquisitions, as well as advising and mentoring Company Board Executives. He delivers training courses in areas such as HR, Change Management, Negotiation, Sales and Communication Skills. John also speaks at conferences and events worldwide and appears on Sky News and BBC World News to talk about HR and industry issues.

Program Benefits 

  • Imparts the knowledge, skills and behaviors required to be an effective HR practitioner
  • Provides the latest HR techniques for selecting and retaining Right Person on the Right job.
  • Equips the learner with cutting edge functional strategies for handling real-life HR issues.
  • Develops the knowledge base and provides live tools that can be used in the HR workplace.
  • Offers environment to learn and practice skills necessary to execute organizational strategies.
  • Upgrades the competence and awareness of HR professionals with new global best practices.

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