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Office Management & Administration Training Courses

Learn the art of being a proactive and efficient office manager

Behind every productive organization, there is an efficient office administrator. Organizations need enthusiastic and multitasking administrative personnel to perform various clerical tasks. Office administrators typically look after the operational tasks in the company on a daily basis. Depending on their industry, office administrators’ primary duties may include providing administrative support to staff, organizing files, arranging travel for executives, performing bookkeeping and processing payroll.

The training in office administration focusses on helping the employees to understand office administration, improve communication and presentation skills and effectively manage time.  The most important advantage of choosing a career in office administration is that you can work across industries. As every organization needs effective business correspondence, documentation and other essential day-to-day tasks completed by office administrators, you have plenty of opportunities.

Benefits of Training in Office Administration

  • Build a rewarding career in office administration
  • Communicate confidently to your team
  • Manage your time effectively
  • Build healthy relationships
  • Find quick solutions to conflicts
  • Improve your presentation skills

Why get certified?

  • Build credibility with a professional certification
  • Earn higher salaries
  • Climb up the corporate ladder
  • Learn the best global practices in the industry

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Collaborative Learning

Learning is no more unidirectional. Interact with your trainers and fellow students for an enriching experience. We never ‘teach’ our students. We enable them to realize their knowledge gaps and unleash their hidden potential.

Discuss with Industry Leaders

Learn from the experts in your industry. We have the world-renowned faculty who have blazed a trail in their field. They are more than happy to share their valuable experiences that can form newer perspectives of thinking.

Personalized Learning Experience

Every individual is different! We provide a personalized learning experience to ensure that students can learn at their own pace. We will identify your needs and tailor the programs to suit your requirements.

Put your Learning into Action

At Blue Ocean, we realise that the lessons learned will linger in memory only for some time and then vanish. So, we train our students to apply them in real-life situations to reinforce their learning and facilitate the retention of knowledge. Our faculty provide continuous support, even beyond the classroom, to convert learning into measurable action.

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Certified Office Administrator (COA) Modules

The Certified Office Administrator (COA) program has a rigorous curriculum that focusses on the basics of office administration, business communication, time management and fundamentals of HR.

Module I – Business, Management and Administration

  • What is Business
  • Business Environment
  • Organizational Structures
  • What is Management
  • Function of Management
  • Office Administration

Module II: Business Communication

  • Types of Communication
  • 7cs of Communication
  • Listening Skills
  • Business Writing Skills
  • Forms of Business Writing
  • Organizing Effective Meetings
  • Presentation Skills

Module III: Team Building

  • Teams Vs Groups
  • Stages for Team Development
  • Team Management Skills
  • Building Relationships
  • Effective Negotiation
  • Assertive Skills
  • Types of Boss
  • Leadership Skills

Module IV: Cross Cultural Etiquettes, Telephone Etiquettes and Customer Service

  • Cross Cultural Business Etiquettes
  • Telephone Etiquettes
  • Stages of Call
  • Taking Messages
  • Transferring Calls
  • Voice Mail messages
  • Impatient Callers
  • Building Customer Relationships
  • Handling Customer Grievances

Module V: Time Management

  • Benefits of Time Management
  • Principles of Time Management
  • How to Prioritize
  • Knowing your Energy Cycle
  • Eisenhower Matrix
  • Pareto’s Principle
  • Dealing with Procrastination

Module VI: Importance of Personal Development

  • Developing your self-esteem and
  • Confidence
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Johari Window
  • Stress Management

Office Management

  • Office and Inventory Management
  • Records Management
  • Petty Cash and Invoices
  • Managing Events and Travels

Module VII: Fundamentals of Projects

  • Managing Projects
  • Project, Programs and Portfolio
  • Phases of Projects
  • Challenges Faced in Projects

Introduction to HR

  • Importance of HR
  • Nature and Scope of HRM
  • Functions of HR
  • Roles of HR

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