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Certified Office Manager

Professionals working as part of the office management team are also required to handle activities involving human resource duties, customer servicing, training employees, delegating tasks, stakeholder coordination, and more. The Certified Office Manager (COM) training course will offer enough knowledge and proficiency needed to become highly-efficient administrators, personal assistants, secretaries, admin managers etc.

Certified Office Manager is a globally accepted Certification aimed at helping office management
professionals take their career steps ahead. It will not only enhance their productivity, but also help in tackling areas that might be the root cause of inefficiency. The program well identifies the areas and has been designed accordingly to seal the gaps. After all, a smooth office environment is what helps in delivering the highest standards of productivity for employees.

Program Benefits:

  • Develop and hone advanced organizational skills
  • Improve your hard and soft skills in a fast-paced business world
  • Elevate your skills and move towards career progression
  • Become a role model in your team and an asset to your organization
  • Earn an internationally accredited certification from ACI

Why Get Certifed?

  • Earn higher salaries
  • Stand out as a star performer
  • Climb success ladder faster
  • Practical knowledge to benefit you and your employer immediately

Perform like a pro in your day-to-day office management activities with the advanced Certified Office Manager Course and become an asset to your organization.


  1. The Role of the Office Manager
  2. Protocol and Business Etiquette
  3. Dealing with visitors and improving customer service
  4. Boosting Productivity
  5. Advanced Organizational skills
  6. Confidentiality Guidelines
  7. Going the extra mile


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