Most people in the profession of Sales believe that they possess a natural ability to sell, however the best in-class have perfected the art of sales through years of reading, learning, research and mostly by on site field experience and practice.

The practice of business to business selling is in a curious state. On one hand some academicians and commentators say that transactional selling is replaced with customer relation selling. On the other hand we find many companies still adopt a traditional approach of sales recruiting and training.

Companies spend a considerable amount of money to train their field executives and yet many sales people find the training they receive to be ineffective.

Reality is that B2B and B2C selling have been undergoing a revolution.Given the importance of skills and capabilities to achieve sales targets and exceed performance bars, companies needs to reconsider who they recruit into sales roles and how well they train them or how trained they come.

Aggressive selling and product-focussed approach is so outdated that some customers refuse to even meet the salespeople who use those techniques.
These customers prefer more pleasant and efficient modes like online platforms and web searches.

There is many a case and plenty of evidence suggesting that high-performing salespeople are those who listen and respond, who are flexible and who think in terms of developing solutions to emerging customer problems.

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