Change Management Training Course

Who Should Attend?

This program is designed for senior managers, managers, and other personnel who are responsible for managing change, or restructuring systems and procedures within their department / organization.

About The Program

The course covers all the fundamentals required to manage the change / restructuring process, to make it as smooth and effective as possible. It covers the key stages of the change process, and addresses how to minimize any potential negative effects, while focusing on the positives that change can often bring to an organization.

Course Objectives

  • To provide delegates with the knowledge and confidence to manage change / restructuring within their organizations
  • To understand the pressures and opportunities caused by change, and how people react differently to it
  • To provide delegates with the skills and knowledge to initiate, anticipate, and respond positively, to change, and to learn how to generate positivity in others
  • To understand how to manage and overcome resistance to change

What You Will Gain

A comprehensive knowledge of the skills and techniques required to manage change successfully. You will understand the dynamics of this much misunderstood, and often feared, process.

Program Content

  • Understanding Change
    > What Changes Are Coming?
    > Generation Y, Technology, Working Conditions, Etc.
    > Theories Of Change
    > Categorising Types Of Change
    > The Phases Of Change
  • Managing During Change
    > Impact Of Change
    > Stages Of Transition
    > The Psychological Stages Of Change
    >> Shock
    >> Resistance
    >> Rejection
    >> Resolution
    >> Acceptance
    >> Integration
    >> ‘Buy-In’
    > Developing Anticipatory Change
    > The Roles Involved In Change
    > The ADKAR Model And Its Application
    > Potential Problems
    > Action Planning
  • Overcoming Resistance To Change
  • Change And You
    > The ‘Nature Of Change’ Pattern
    > Communicating Change
    > Applying Change Communication To Your Team
  • The Change Manager’s Checklist
  • The Eight Step Process Of Implementing Successful Change
  • The Skills Needed To Be A Successful ‘Change Agent’