CILT Level 5 – International Diploma in Logistics and Transport

CILT level 5 is designed to support professionals involved in planning logistics operations and who are already in supervisory or operational management roles. It is also ideal for graduates with non-business degrees moving into the logistics field.

The CILT International Diploma follows on from and builds on the general knowledge gained both in the CILT International Introductory Certificate and the Certificate courses and provides more in-depth information on the core business subjects and specialist areas relating to logistics and transport.

The modules offered as part of this qualification can also be offered as standalone units, giving both students and employers maximum flexibility. This route may specifically appeal to employers who wish to target a very specific topic area (e.g. Sourcing and Procurement, Warehousing)

Unit Reference Title
DIP-01 Management in Logistics and Transport
DIP-04 Transport Planning
DIP-08 Production Planning
DIP-14 International Business / Global Logistics

Entry and Progression


It is recommended though not a strict necessity that those individuals wishing to undertake the CILT International Diploma are involved with:

  • Contributing to the establishment of activity plans to support logistics operations; and/or
  • Supervising/managing and controlling operational activities.

For entry to the International Diploma candidates are expected to have prior knowledge of logistics and transport operations and an awareness of the integrated nature of supply chain activities, ideally through their own work experience and/or knowledge gained from studying the International Introductory Certificate and Certificate level courses.


Further progression is available to the CILT International Advanced Diploma in Logistics and Transport. Successful completion of the CILT International Diploma together with a minimum of two years’ appropriate experience meets the eligibility criteria for membership upgrade from Student Member to Member (MILT) of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport.

For more details about the International Diploma in Logistics and Transport download the CILT level 5 Certification Brochure