The CILT(UK) Level 3 Certificate is aimed at team leaders, supervisors or first-line managers. It is suitable for individuals working in the logistics and transport industry, or at least for those who have an awareness or understanding of the field.

This Certificate provides learners with the knowledge and understanding of the types and functions of ports and terminals and their management, operation and maintenance. It includes global, international and national freight movements, types of goods and vessels, port and area controls, physical and human resource requirements, consignments, unitilisation and consignment monitoring. The Qualification also seeks to provide learners with a complete set of management skills.

The Qualification consists of three mandatory units:

M1-L3 Business Theory

This unit gives learners the ability to understand and use theory from key elements such as: marketing and product positioning, managing information, reporting to finance and legal requirements for the operation.

M2-L3 Business Application

This unit contains a wide spread of information covering key management practices and theory across functional management through to business planning, motivation and the art of managing people.

O11-L3 Port Operations

The unit examines the roles of Port and Customs authorities and how goods are moved under regulations, conventions and other general and trading agreements and the associated documentation. The unit also provides an examination of port development and planning requirements, port support and ancillaries and associated infrastructure requirements and environmental considerations.

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