The CILT(UK) Level 5 Award is aimed at managers involved with planning and implementation at an operational level. The Qualification provides learners with detailed and specific coverage of the various elements of supply chain, operations and inventory management within the global environment.

This Level 5 Award satisfies employer demands for a Qualification that meets the needs of those who wish to expand their knowledge in the areas of supply chain and inventory management. It gives a good overview of all the necessary elements of supply chain and inventory management and provides an excellent springboard for further development and career achievement.

The Award explores the role of inventory management within supply chain operations. Touching on how differing policies and business philosophies impact on the amount of inventory required to support operations. The Award provides an understanding of the reasons for inventory management, the role it plays in supporting customer service, and how it may be managed. It also examines the role that suppliers play and how they may be managed in order to support efficient and effective operations.

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