CIPS Certifications in Procurement and Supply

The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply, the largest professional body in the world for procurement and supply, is abbreviated as CIPS. Across the world, it has more than 110,000 individuals, scattered in over 150 countries. MCIPS qualifications have been set as the standard by many multinational businesses. Qualifications Offered by CIPS CIPS offers the following certification courses to interested individuals-
  • Certificate in procurement and supply operations : Certificate in procurement and supply operations is an ideal course if you would like to begin a career in procurement or if your job role includes purchasing and supply chain. Previous experience or qualifications are not necessary to get enrolled into this educational program.
  •  Advanced certificate in procurement and supply operations : Those involved in procurement and supply chain task would benefit by taking up this course. No previous experience or qualifications are a required to take up this course. For those qualified with the CIPS Certification in procurement and supply operations, this course would build on their understanding and knowledge.
  •  Diploma in procurement and supply: Those qualified with the CIPS Advanced certificate in procurement and supply operations can take up this course. Alternatively, candidates who have two A-level qualifications or an international equivalent or two years of experience in a business environment can also get enrolled into it.
  • Advanced diploma in procurement and supply: Those qualified with the CIPS Diploma in procurement and supply can take up this course. Contract managers, senior buyers and supply chain managers can gain skills to achieve their organization’s goals and improve their organizational procurement.
  • Professional diploma in procurement and supply: For getting enrolled into this CIPS program, the candidate should have completed either the Professional Diploma, Advanced Diploma or Diploma in Procurement and Supply offered by the CIPS.
Flexible Study Options The CIPS offers various flexible study options to those who want to take up one of its courses from anywhere in the world. CIPS offers self study option to those candidates who wish to get certified through the learn by themselves (through e-learning resources and course books). And, there are 200 study centres of CIPS located worldwide to facilitate those candidates who prefer taking up these courses from a reputed university or college. These study centers are equipped with experienced and qualified professionals who offer tuition in these study centres. This study mode comes with three flexible options.
  • Intensive workshop or classroom sessions
  • Part time traditional classroom learning offered during day time or evening.
  • Distance learning with tutor’s guidance.
One of CIPS’ study centers is the Blue Ocean Academy which is based in the UAE. Thousands of supply chain professionals from diverse industries have benefited by taking up the various training and certification programs offered by it. We encourage you to get enrolled in one of the CIPS certifications from the Blue Ocean Academy. Register today for CIPS certification and  training visit :


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