About the Program:

This program intends to improve the ability of a manager to create impactful communication channels and improve his ability to convey his thoughts and objectives in a clear, cohesive and influencing manner

WHO should attend:

Open to all professionals, Retail Managers, Store Managers, Business Managers, Sales Managers, HR Managers, Finance managers, Operations Managers, Warehouse and Logistics Managers

Course Objectives:

  • How to communicate with influence in complex business organizations
  • What is the mindset structuring required to break barriers in communication and perceptions?
  • Understanding perspectives and intentions and aligning them to deliver value for objectives
  • Communicating to collaborate and safeguard interests of all stakeholders
  • Communicating effectively to lead and guide people
  • Influence through logic and empathy and trust
  • Influence and align business and individual motives
  • Non-Verbal Cues & Body Language to align interests
  • Communicate in all modes effectively

What you will gain:

  • Know How to improve acceptance as a manager of people and objectives
  • Know How to prepare and present matters that create business impact
  • Convey a position of strength and mastery of situation
  • Manage expectations and multiple viewpoint perspective of management

Course Outline / Program Content:

Module-wise Learning Journey _Description Day of Roll Out


Program Introduction & Participant Welcome Day 1
Module1 Understanding Basics of Structuring of content, intent, motives and audience

Mindset structuring

Understanding your communication style

Day 1
Module 2  Setting Objectives

Safeguarding interests and objectives of stakeholders

Improving acceptance of stakeholders

Day 1
Module 3 Using Communication to Lead, Guide, Direct, Coach, Discuss, Collaborate

Different situations and application of impactful communication

Day 1
Module 4 Engaging in powerful conversation through logic and empathy

Impact of Listening and Summarizing

Day 2
Module 5 Influencing Behaviors and Using Force Field Analysis to convince Day 2
Module 6 Setting Examples and Role Plays

Using Tact and Diplomacy

Day 2