Competency Based Interviewing Skills training course
Competency Based Interviewing Skills training course


By the end of the Competency Based Interviewing Skills Training Course, the participants of this course will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of competency based interviews
  • Explain the process and steps involved in Competency based interviews
  • Learn the benefits and challenges of Competency based interviewing
  • Identify and select appropriate competencies for each job role that is been interviewed for
  • Learn the skill to effortlessly conduct the interviews
  • Learn to effectively ask the right set of questions to identify the competencies of the candidate
  • Successfully recruit a candidate having competency that is in alignment to the job profile
  • Identify the competencies of the candidate and assess congruence
  • Describe the competencies required for a particular job
  • Empanel key stakeholders to assess functional and behavioural competencies for successful performance
  • Segregate competencies basis the expertise of the interviewer involved in the process
  • Incorporate various methods in competency-based interviews to confirm the authenticity of employee’s claim of Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
  • Use competency-based interviewing skills to assess critical behaviours required for niche roles


Introduction of Competency Based Interview

  • What is Competency Based Interview?
  • Benefits of Competency based interviews
  • Principles of the Competency Based Interview

Planning and conducting the interview

  • Plan the questions to be asked to the candidate
  • Select only right resumes/ profiles to save resources like time, money, efforts, etc.
  • Ask questions that help to validate the information and confirms the competence
  • Assess the candidate potential by asking future-oriented questions
  • Note the knowledge displaying responses and past reference of proven capability
  • Segregate generic and competency-based questions
  • Design the aptitude rounds to identify the competence
  • Put the candidate through different rounds of interviews with different interviewers
  • Build and analyse the competencies around a competency framework

Assessing and Identifying Competencies

  • Collaborate with line managers to assess competencies required for the job
  • Connect with current and previous employees and learn the required competencies for the growth of the business
  • Ask competency-based questions to the candidate to gauge the knowledge
  • Anticipate and ask for an event-based competency question

Questions to determine the competencies

  • Situation or event-based questions
  • Example of conflict handling
  • Questions basis the job profile
  • Response evaluation
  • Inappropriate or irrelevant questions

Basics of Interviewing

  • Follow basic etiquettes around interviewing
  • Listening skills
  • Communications skills
  • Eye contact
  • Level of confidence
  • The professionalism of the candidate
  • Body language
  • The attitude of the candidate

Competency versus General interviewing

  • Competency alignment with the business needs
  • Revisiting different assessment tools and using relevant ones for the benefit
  • Remarks from the line managers; gathering feedback after each step and properly documenting the same

Shortlisting the Candidate

  • Review and assess the Resume, assess other social media profiles like LinkedIn etc.
  • Revisit the competencies
  • Analyse the scorecard and feedback to check for discrepancies
  • Get feedback from the line managers

Extending the offer

  • Upon selection, let the candidate know about the steps forward
  • In case you plan not to go ahead with a profile, keep the candidate posted- feedback helps people refine and work on the area of improvement
  • Go back and collaborate with internal stakeholders to learn about what went well and what needs to be improved
  • Take feedback from participants about the experience they had with us

Improvisation and reinventing the wheel

  • Analyse the success and candidate fit post-hiring
  • Learn what best organisations are doing differently
  • Look at what can be done differently in terms of interviews to get the best results
  • Collaborate with industry experts to improvise the process

FAQ’s, Roleplays, Case studies and Discussions

  • Case studies on best practices
  • Role plays on conducting Competency based interviews
  • Group discussion to explore various methods of conducting successful Competency based interviews
  • Discuss failures/ blunders to proactively prevent them in future