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Corporate Governance Webinar

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The Corporate world is currently rocked by some huge financial irregularities. Flagship UAE entities listed in London Stock Exchange like NMC Health, Finablr have crashed. Shareholders of these Companies have seen their investments drop by over 70% in a matter of a few weeks. We hear, even mid-size firms like Phoenix Commodities DMCC have an exposure of over Dh 400M to UAE Banks. Not long ago, the world was shocked by the German auto giant Volkswagen which cheated on emission tests eventually causing more than $30B to be wiped off from stock markets. What went wrong? How are Companies being managed? Over the years, Corporate Frauds and Bad Governance, have caused immense losses to the public at large and have even shaken economies. This Webinar will seek to highlight the importance of having robust governance and control systems that will protect the interests of all stakeholders.

Webinar Highlights :
  • What factors influence Corporate Governance
  • Why do we come across repeated failures of governance
  • What governance risk mitigation mechanisms are available
  • How to conduct Governance health-check in your own Organizations


V S Ramachandran

CFO Blue Ocean Academy


  • Forum :Accounting & Finance Forum
  • Seminar :Accounting & Finance Webinar
  • Topic :Corporate Governance Webinar
  • Date :28th May 2020
  • Time :7.00 – 9.00pm
  • Phone : +971 5283 700 33
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