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Learn. Adapt. Thrive

Corporate Training

Upskill your workforce, nurture a performance-driven culture and unlock the power of leadership for dramatic economic gains. Explore how Blue Ocean can transform your business

We don’t give promises, we give results that will enable organizations to:

  • Build a resilient business model
  • Promote employee motivation and engagement
  • Navigate safely during uncertain times
  • Reduce operational costs, increase value
  • Improve cash flow
  • Increase efficiency of processes
  • Implement innovative strategies and technologies
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Enhance company reputation and image

Our Corporate Training Solutions

Soft Skills Courses

Better teamwork, greater productivity

Employees need some personal attributes along with the technical skills and knowledge of their jobs. While hard skills are absolutely essential, soft skills enable them to become better team players and contribute to the overall wellbeing of the organization besides increasing their productivity. Soft skills are the qualities that make employees better leaders and help them build efficient teams in their organizations.

Leadership and Management Skills for New Manager

Mastering Negotiation Skills

Mastering Solution Selling Skills

Time Management & Personal Effectiveness

Call Center Skills

Business Communication Skills

Creative Thinking & Problem Solving

Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

Customer Service and Phone Etiquette

Mastering Solution Selling Skills

Logistics & Supply Chain

Manage complex supply chain scenarios

The management of logistics and supply chain is becoming increasingly more complex since companies are sourcing, producing and distributing their products and services across the world. A course in Logistics and Supply chain will help employees create agile supply chains that improve customer satisfaction

Best Procurement Practices

Best Practices in Supply Chain

Vendor Management

Warehouse and Inventory Control

Incoterms & Letter of Credit 2020

Vendor Managed Inventory

Ethical Procurement

Green Procurement & Supply Chain Management

Sustainability in Procurement & Supply Chain Management

Commercial Contracting

Vendor Management


Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain

Quality Management

Quality is the key to excellence

Quality management makes the organization a better place to work. Implementing quality management tools will ensure high customer loyalty, increased cash flow, satisfied employees and a healthy workplace.


5 S Methodology

Lean Management


Accounting & Finance

Improve cash flow and profitability

A business-centric overview of accounting and finance is inevitable for individuals working in all job roles. It can help them have a better understanding of the business and take efficient decisions that have a positive impact on the organization

Corporate Governance

Balanced Scorecard

Accounts Receivable Management

Working Capital Management

Budgeting, Revenue, Operating and Capital

Business Continuity

Mergers, Acquisitions and Valuations

Human Resource & Administration

Create a better workplace

Human Resource Management and Office Administration are two entwined aspects. Both deal with the management of people and office activities to ensure the smooth functioning of the organization. Trained HR managers and Administrators can ensure better employee engagement and retention

Conflict Management

Change Management

Employee Engagement

Interviewing Skills

Career Development & Succession Planning

Leadership and Management

A leadership and management training program can help you in many ways. It helps boost your morale, so you can have more confidence in yourself as a leader, manager, supervisor, or CEO. 

Effective Leadership Skills Training

Problem Solving and Decision making

Setting Goals and Objectives

Supervisor Development Program

Affordable, customized and impactful solutions for your business

Corporate Clients

Positive Feedback


Consultancy For Business Re-engineering

Blue Ocean provides value-added consulting services by leveraging our huge knowledge base and training experience. Our subject-matter experts will work with your team to identify and resolve operational challenges and thus help to improve overall business performance

Our areas of expertise

  • Business process re-engineering
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Warehouse operation and optimization
  • Six Sigma implementation for operational excellence
  • Quality awards and certifications
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Performance management
  • Balanced scorecard
  • Process mapping

Training Programs in Arabic Language

Blue Ocean Academy has an exclusive training division that delivers all its successful training programs in the native Arabic language thus breaking the English language barrier. Even the certification examinations will be conducted in the Arabic language to help the candidates. Our experienced teaching faculty can provide the relevant inputs that will enable the employees to comprehend the training programs in their own mother tongue

The delegates enjoyed the training and we have received a positive feedback from them. The trainer was knowledgeable and was able to answer all the doubts put forth by the delegates and it was quite an interactive session

Abdulla Al Balooshi

Organizational Capability Manager, Dubai Refreshment PJSC

The practical knowledge imparted during the training will greatly benefit our organization

Athman M Juma

Category Manager, Dubai Airport

The trainer has shared good examples and real-life experiences that our staff could relate to. It was informative and detailed with relevant case studies.

Abdulla Mohamed Mujalba Marassas

GM- Supply Chain, Etihad Airways Engineering

Benefits of Corporate Training

If you think training is expensive, you are overlooking the cost of ignorance. There is no better way to motivate your employees than by providing training. It makes them feel confident about their abilities and loyal towards the organization that gives them opportunities for self-growth

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