Course Introduction:

The customer service department plays a vital role in creating a competitive advantage for businesses. The right customer service management approach is a key driver for organizations to succeed and sustain in today’s complex business landscape. Customer service quality is of paramount significance and imperative for brands to excel.

Elevate the skill sets of your team with the Developing A ‘World-Class Customer Service’ – As A Competitive Strategy course to stand out as a world-class organization.  The course is an advanced training to enhance customer management skills leading to customer relationships and loyalty.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the foundations of ‘Customer Experience Management’ as a cross-functional approach
  • Line between customer expectations and experiences
  • Techniques to secure high-level of customer satisfaction
  • Understand the difference between internal and external customer expectations
  • Establish a culture of world class customer service within your organization
  • Learn the importance of acquiring customer data and feedback
  • Analyze customer service history and improvise as per requirements
  • Exceed quality of customer service
  • Build strong and loyal customer relationships


Course Modules:

Module 1 – Introduction to customer service management

Module 2 – Dos and Don’ts of customer service

Module 3 – Ways to secure customer satisfaction

Module 4 – Customer service management for different sectors

Module 5 – Review and revise customer service strategies

Module 6 – Importance of teamwork and collaboration

Module 7 – Managing customers complaints

Module 8 – Monitor feedback and progress

Module 9 – Design customer loyalty programs

Module 10 – Building customer relationship and trust