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Drivers of Procurement & Supply Chain Management Seminar in Baku, Azerbaijan

Welcome To Supply Chain Management Seminar

We would like to invite you for an interactive seminar on Best Practices in Procurement & Supply Chain Management on Sunday 3rd, November 2019 @ Holiday Inn Baku

Topics of Interest:

Procurement in Supply Chain:

Procurement in Supply Chain
  • The Difference between Procurement and Purchasing
  • What is the role of Procurement and Purchasing?
  • The System Approach vs. the Traditional Functional Approach
  • An Overview of the Procurement Process
  • Procurement as Part of the Supply Chain
Implementing the Tactical Procurement Decisions
  • Develop Strong Relationships with Other Functional Groups
  • Team Roles and Responsibilities
  • Supplier Involvement
  • Supplier Selection
  • Supplier Rating and Ranking
  • Contract Management
Dealing with Operational Procurement Decisions
  • The Payment Process
  • Reducing the Cost of Procurement: Small Value Purchase Orders
Procurement Performance Measurement
  • Spend Analysis
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Supplier Performance Measurement
Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Understanding Logistics and the Supply Chain
  • Definitions of Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • History and the Development
  • Understanding the Supply Chain Dynamics
Performance, Risk and Warehouse Management
  • Warehouse Management
  •     1. Role in the Supply Chain
  • Supply Chain Risks
  •     1. Operational
  •     2. Inventory
  •     3. Exchange Rates
  •     4. Financial
  •     5. Disruption
  •     6. Security
Inventory Management
  • Selective Inventory Control Management
  • Reducing Excess and Obsolete Inventory



Percy Jal Engineer is a Lead Trainer and practitioner experienced in global market where he focuses on procurement and supply chain portfolio strategy.

In Association with American Purchasing Society (APS) :

The American Purchasing Society, Inc. is an organization of buyers, purchasing managers, executives, and others interested in the purchasing profession. It was founded in 1969 and have members from 28 countries worldwide. The American Purchasing Society’s professional procurement training objectives are achieved through training programs and educational publications of interest to business and the purchasing community. Take advantage of our purchasing seminars and other resources today!


  • Forum :SCM Forum
  • Seminar :Supply Chain Management Seminar
  • Topic :Drivers of Procurement & Supply Chain Management Seminar in Baku, Azerbaijan
  • Date :November 03, 2019
  • Time :10.00am – 1.00pm
  • Venue :Holiday Inn Baku
  • Phone : +971 545 815 602
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