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Understanding Emotional Intelligence

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone interested in enhancing their self-awareness and interaction with others
  • All individuals who want to be able to motivate, inspire, and understand their team members, especially in these challenging times
  • All individuals who want to be able to successfully understand and manage their emotions
  • All individuals looking to gain a better understanding of the deeper undercurrents of human behaviour

Course Objectives

  • To understand the elements of Emotional Intelligence
  • To increase your understanding of different aspects of human behaviour
  • To understand your own emotions, and how to manage emotional reactions
  • To learn about, and understand, the term ‘Amygdala Hijack’ (in the brain), and how it affects behaviour
  • To understand how to become more self-motivated
  • To be aware of how to demonstrate empathy
  • To be able to communicate with, and motivate others, by understanding their emotions
  • To learn to deal with daily work and personal pressures more productively
  • To be able to build strong, open, and honest relationships

Programme Content


  • What Is Emotional Intelligence (EQ)?
  • Understanding Yourself And Emotional Intelligence
    > Your Feelings And Emotions
    > Emotions Diary
  • Why Do We Need Emotional Intelligence?
    > Emotional Intelligence When Working During A Crisis, And At Home
    > Emotional Intelligence And Career Success
    > The Benefits Of Emotional Intelligence
  • Emotional Intelligence – Self-Evaluation (Questionnaire)
  • Exploring The Dimensions Of Emotional Intelligence
    > Self-Awareness
    > Self-Management


  • Exploring The Dimensions Of Emotional Intelligence (Continued)
    > Self-Motivation
    > Social Awareness (Empathy)
    > Relationship Management
  • Future Learning: Developing Your Emotional Intelligence
  • Your Contract For ‘Personal Change’
  • Putting The Learning Into Practice
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