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Employer Branding Certification Course in Dubai-UAE

About the Program:

This upskills the attendant to address one of the biggest people management challenge facing organizations today in the GCC i,e building a brand among current and potential employees.

WHO should attend:

HR Managers and People engagement managers, Finance Managers who manage budgets for HR, Middle level business owners who want to hire good employees, Senior management of large organizations

Course Objectives:

  • Help participants gain understanding of Employer Branding
  • Understand and structure a workable employer branding model aligned to organizational objectives
  • Learn how to structure employer branding exercises across their organization
  • Choose cost effective and high impact approaches to employer branding
  • Power of social media and messaging
  • Leveraging impressions

What you will gain:

  • Know How to discuss this with management
  • Better brand visibility
  • Larger acceptance of HR

Course Outline:

Module-wise Learning Journey _Description Day of Roll Out


Program Introduction & Participant Welcome Day 1
Module1 Understanding Employer Branding

Elements and Objectives

What E.B is and what it is not

Global Best Practices

Day 1
Module 2 Aligning Employer Branding to Organizational objectives

Actions and Impressions of your organization and its impact

Day 1
Module 3 Moving to a workable employer branding model

Impact of Employee Engagement and Leveraging on employee word of mouth

Role Plays

Day 1
Module 4 Driving Employer Branding

Selling the concept and budget to senior management

Championing the agenda across the organization


Day 2
Module 5 Project Management Basics to drive employer branding across your organization

Using tools to map and measure impact

Day 2
Module 6 Using tools of employer branding

Actions to initiate across the teams

Creating a team that Champion the agenda

Day 2
Module 7 Mapping cost and setting a clear vision to engage with internal and external branding agencies


Day 2


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