Excellence In Customer Service Advanced Face to Face training course

Course Introduction: 

Brands that provide customer assistance above and beyond the usual scope are more successful when it comes to customer retention and loyalty. The perks of having an excellent customer service team are many. Empower your team to become an expert in identifying customer requirements, improving service delivery, and sustaining a culture of quality and excellence. 

The Excellence In Customer Service Training Course trains professionals to acquire the skills of delivering customer service of the highest level. This training provides a step-by-step guide for analyzing and enhancing the services you offer, both on an individual and organizational level. Remember customer service excellence plays a significant role in brand building and attaining recognition. 


Course Objectives: 

  • Understand the importance of customer service and its importance in this competitive world
  • Best practices for ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Learn about internal and external customer expectations
  • Reverse customer grievances into delight 
  • Understand different customer service techniques for different industries 
  • Master techniques to resolve challenges with difficult customers 
  • Measure and improve customer satisfaction level 
  • Offer fast and effective customer service 
  • Collaborate effectively as a team to achieve customer service excellence 


Course Modules: 

Module 1 – Introduction to importance of customer service

Module 2 – Situations causing customer anxiety

Module 3 – Customer service management for different sectors 

Module 4 – Managing customer needs and expectations 

Module 5 – Deal with difficult customers

Module 6 – Design customer loyalty programs 

Module 7 – Deliver customer satisfaction through teamwork

Module 8 – Review and revise customer service strategies 

Module 9 – Monitor feedback and progress 

Module 10 – Building customer relationship and trust