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Excellence In Customer Service Online Training Course

Excellence In Customer Service Online Training Course

Excellence In Customer Service Online Training Course

Who Should Attend?

Anyone in a customer-related role who wishes to learn new skills, and fully understand the key concepts of customer service that will enable them to perform more effectively in their role, so they can create a ‘Wow’ factor for their customers.

Course Objectives

  • To learn the key skills of dealing face-to-face with customers, and how to communicate effectively
  • To learn the best ways to provide exceptional service by understanding the needs and expectations of your customers (including future needs and future expectations)
  • To gain an understanding of handling customers who complain, and how to deal with customers from a variety of cultures and backgrounds
  • To understand how to create customer loyalty through ‘Great Customer Service!’ and ‘Excellent Customer Care!’

Program Content

  • Who Are Your Customers?
  • Internal Customer Service
  • The Customer Relationship Hierarchy
  • What Does It Feel Like To Be Your Customer?
  • Customer ‘Perception Points’
  • ‘The Customer’s ‘Perception’ Is Usually Right’
  • You, As A Customer
  • Your Commitment To Quality Service
  • Understanding The Difference Between ‘Needs’ And ‘Wants’
  • The Six Steps Of Customer Service
  • Complaints
    > Why Do People Complain?
    > The Benefits Of Complaints
    > Some Interesting Facts About Complaints
    > How To Handle A Complaint
    > Having A Positive Attitude In Dealing With Complaints
    > Using Positive Words And Language
  • Communicating For Success – Understanding And Being Clearly Understood
  • Going The Extra Mile – ‘The Unforgettable ‘WOW!‘ Factor’
  • Building Powerful Relationships Through Exceptional Service
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