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Finance for Non-Finance Managers Training Course

Finance for Non-Finance Managers training course

Finance for Non-Finance Managers training course


  • Use financial information to manage and assess your company or department operations
  • Manage and Reduce Cost (Fixed versus variable costs)
  • Control the working capital and manage the impact of inventory build-up
  • Practise and use a range of accounting methods, tools and techniques available to manage financial risks in your organization
  • Interpret the language of accounts and break down barriers of understanding
  • Get Confidence to prepare budgets and read Management Information


Basic Accounting Concepts

  • The Accounting Process
  • Cash Vs. Mercantile Accounting
  • Accrual Concept
  • Stock Valuation – FIFO Vs. LIFO
  • Types of Accounting
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Cap-ex. vs. Op-ex.
  • Understanding of Depreciation/Amortization
  • Tangible vs. Intangible vs. Capital W-I-P
  • Current vs. Non-current

Introduction to Financial Statements

  • Profit & Loss Account including OCI
  • Balance Sheet and SOCIE
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Notes to Accounts

Financial Statement Analysis

  • P&L Statement Analysis
  • Balance Sheet Analysis
  • Funds Flow Analysis
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Trend Analysis
  • Common Size Analysis

Working Capital Management

  • Concept of Working Capital
  • Managing Inventory and Trade Receivables
  • Managing Trade Payables
  • Budgeting and Working Capital Management

Capital Budgeting

  • Capital Expenditure Evaluation
  • NPV Technique
  • IRR Technique
  • Pay Back Method
  • Risk Analysis

Cost Management and Costing Techniques

  • Cost Concepts
  • Various Costing Methods
  • Breakeven Analysis
  • Costing Vs. Budgeting
  • Strategic cost management

Revenue Management

  • Revenue Recognition and possible revenue leakages
  • Revenue Vs. Trade Receivables
  • Revenue Vs. Trade Payables
  • Revenue Vs. Foreign Exchange Management

Introduction to IFRS

  • Introduction to the concept of Accounting Standards
  • Generally applicable IFRS
  • Discussion on Specific IFRS
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