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Dubai : “At a time when leadership requires less emphasis on giving orders and more focus on building consensus, personal persuasiveness and the ability to negotiate effectively have become critical skills for success,” highlighted T. Chendil Kumar at a workshop organized by the HR Forum of Blue Ocean Academy, UAE’s leading management training and consultancy firm.

The workshop titled “Influencing Without Authority” was held at the Park Regis Hotel in Dubai recently and covered a range of interpersonal and inter-group persuasion challenges, focusing on practical skills and immediate application to real-world situations.

DSC_0803The Blue Ocean HR Forum was established in 2012, bringing together HR professionals all over the country to network and brainstorm over contemporary issues. The seminar addressed a persistent issue often encountered by HR professionals in the Middle East : “how to handle responsibility without authority?”

More than 200 participants benefited from discussions ranging from one-on-one negotiations to driving change in an organization’s culture. The focus was on practical skills and immediate application to participants’ professional challenges.

DSC_0800“Harnessing the science of persuasion can be an asset in any business. Obviously, it’s easy for those in authority to be influential. But there’s a real science of persuasion when it comes to the art of influencing without authority,” explained Mr. Kumar, who trained at the Harvard Law school and is an international speaker of repute.

All HR professionals as well as managers need to understand and practise the three pillars of persuasion: structural personal and social. The process starts by building personal credibility through trust and expertise.

This is followed by a thorough analysis of a work situation for key factors related to power, persuasion and influence. All professionals need to determine whether it is best to use a persuasion or influence strategy to get others to change or take action. Stories or metaphors also act as powerful tools of persuasion.

“Many managers think authority and expertise are imperative to influence people but persuasion and influence can also play a significant role. You need to break attention of your listener by not sounding boring. The best way is to tap into emotion,” explained Mr. Kumar.

In today’s competitive environment, mastery of the softer interpersonal skills separates executives who merely survive from those who thrive and grow as leaders.
Headquartered in Dubai with a strong presence in the Middle East, India, Africa and Sri Lanka, Blue Ocean stands on an enviable reputation built on 15 years of training, 40,000 alumni worldwide, global network of certified trainers, prestigious international certifications and multinational partners.
Blue Ocean is a specialist in designing courses that bridge the gap between infrastructure and knowledge, imparting futuristic skills to a new genre of leaders.
Training solutions are accurate, creative and focused. Individual/employee skills are honed through a series of innovative training sessions in a simulated work environment.
The workshop was an initiative of the Blue Ocean HR Forum members and the Blue Ocean alumni and a part of a series of free workshops that will be organized by Blue Ocean to raise the bar of HR professionals in the Middle East.