IATA Aviation Security Awareness Course is mandatory for all airport personnel with access to air-side. It is required for initial training as well as for refresher sessions every 36 months as per the UAE National Civil Aviation Security Training Program. This course is suitable for staff from Grade 1-3.

Our Aviation Security Awareness Course comes with an Internship Option at Sharjah Airport (Sharjah Aviation)

Security is a concern for everyone in the industry, affecting virtually all areas of operation. Whether you work with passengers, cargo or at a security checkpoint, you have a role in keeping the industry safe. Aviation Security Awareness Course is designed to train base or entry level airport security personnel to enforce, monitor and apply airport security measures.

IATA Aviation Security Awareness Course Contents: 

  • Threats to civil aviation
  • ICAO, IATA and ACI
  • Regulating aviation security
  • Access control – people & vehicles
  • Security measures for passengers and
    their baggage
  • Cargo, mail and catering
  • Bomb threats
  • Security awareness in the airport environment
  • In-flight security measures