Welcome To Procurement & Supply Chain Seminar

In a rapidly evolving business landscape, effective supplier relationships are integral to success. In such a dynamic and interconnected business environment, organizations face a growing need to foster transparency and mitigate risks in their supply chain relationships. The success of any business is significantly influenced by the efficiency and reliability of its suppliers. To thrive in this complex landscape, companies must continuously innovate their approaches to enhance transparency and reduce potential risks associated with supplier relationships.


When trust between suppliers, companies and customers is crucial for businesses to flourish, it is necessary that organizations and associated professionals invest effort and time to learn about the techniques required to develop and maintain a strong relationship with the suppliers. Supply chains thrive on transparency. A lack of trust and transparency even leads to the collapse of supply chains and puts companies into unpleasant unforeseen circumstances.


Join us in the seminar that will explore the best practices and strategies for fostering a culture of trust and transparency in global supply chains.


Seminar Highlights:

  • Best ways to build Supply chain transparency
  • Techniques to picture your organization as upfront, honest and trustworthy
  • Role of technology in creating and fostering transparency in global supply chains
  • Providing better value to the company through supplier-build innovation
  • Advantage in gaining supplier trust for a better buyer–supplier relationship.

Who Should Attend?

Supply Chain and procurement professionals across various industries including administration, coordination, project management, etc.

  • Forum :SCM Forum
  • Seminar :Procurement & Supply Chain Seminar
  • Topic :Innovate to Increase Transparency and Reduce Risk in Working with Suppliers
  • Date :10th February 2024
  • Time :6.00 PM – 9.00 PM (Qatar Time)
  • Phone :+971 545 815 604
  • Venue :Jabr Bin Mohammed St, Doha, Qatar

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