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International Trade and Shipping- Post-Covid

The pandemic has affected different sectors of the global economy including international trade and shipping. As more than 90% of the world trade in terms of volume is moved by sea, the global maritime supply chain is considered critical. The virus outbreak has exposed the vulnerability of the maritime industry and also the need for a transformation. The webinar will discuss the challenges in international trade and shipping and also the strategies to overcome them. It will equip the participants with the knowledge and tools required to deal with the issues like the disruptions, the dip in global demand/consumption and the increase in costs.


  • Hows the global trade wars affect international trade and shipping.
  • Is the reduction in demand and consumption affects the shipping capacity?
  • What are the eCommerce trends in Shipping and Logistics?
  • What is the upskilling happening in International trade and logistics?
  • Supply ChainManagement, E-commerce, fulfilment centres, Data-driven models are common in Shipping and logistics.
  • Understand the industry disruptions. Global demand/consumption is coming down, capacity has reduced in logistics and the cost has increased.

  • Forum :Supply Chain Forum
  • Seminar :Supply Chain Webinar
  • Topic :International Trade and Shipping- Post-Covid
  • Date :25th November 2020
  • Time :7.00 – 8.30pm (Dubai, UAE Time)
  • Phone :+971 5458 156 15
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