Who Should Attend?

This one-day introductory programme is designed for people interested in creative and innovative approaches for their organization. HR specialists, team leaders, those tasked with leading change, and those wishing to shape organizational culture in a positive way, will find this to be a dynamic, and thought-provoking, workshop. It ‘demystifies’ the concept of Design Thinking. Participants will understand how Design Thinking approaches applied to business – empathy, insight, concept development, applied creativity, prototyping, and experimentation – can substantially improve the success rate for innovation within organizations.

Course Objectives

• To understand the fundamentals of Human-Centred Design and Design Thinking Methodology
• To understand the cultural shift towards Design Thinking
• To learn the 5 Key Stages of Design Thinking
• To apply tried and tested techniques related to Design Thinking
• To learn ‘experientially’, working on a case study, how to apply the key tools and techniques used in Design Thinking

Programme Content

• Defining The ‘Buzz Words’… ‘Creativity’, ‘Innovation’ ‘Design’ And ‘Design Thinking’?
• Understanding Design Thinking In Both Business And Social Contexts
• Overview – The 5 Stages Of The Design Thinking Process
• Empathy Building – User Research
• Discovering User Insights
• Defining The Problem – Crafting A ‘How Might We’ Statement
• ‘Ideation’
• Developing Innovative Solutions – Prototyping
• Presenting Prototypes
• Testing And Feedback
• Beyond The Prototype – Planning For Implementation
• Understanding Pitfalls – When Organizations Fail To Implement Design Thinking Effectively
• Design Thinking At The Heart Of Organizational Innovation And Change