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IPSC-2021 Awards

IPSC 2021 Awards – An exclusive Webinar to guide you on How to Apply for the International Procurement & Supply Chain 2021 Awards

We are extremely pleased to announce that the announcement of the IPSC-2021 Awards has generated tremendous interest amongst the Procurement & Supply Chain community. We are thankful to one and all for this amazing response.

In order to help you apply for the awards and also to remove any queries that you may have, the Blue Ocean Awards Panel will be hosting an exclusive IPSC-2021 Awards Webinar on Friday, 8th October 2021. The Webinar will primarily focus on the Awards details such as the list of awards, who can apply, what should be included in your application and the evaluation process and criteria. We also encourage participants to voice your queries during the Webinar which we will do our best to answer. You may also contact Ms Sriparna at sri@blueoceanacademy.com for more details

4 reasons Why you should Apply for the International Procurement & Supply Chain 2021 Awards

  • One of the Most Prestigious Awards
    It is the dream of any Organization and Professional to be recognised as the best among peers. And this recognition will be two-fold if it’s a prestigious and well-recognised Award. The IPSC-2021 Awards will be given at the upcoming 6th International Procurement & Supply Chain International Conference 2021 which will be held on 6th November 2021 at The Atlantis Hotel, Dubai. This event is one of the most well-attended events, very popular amongst the Procurement & Supply Chain community for its authentic, respected Speakers and the value-addition it brings to participants. An award received on this platform is truly a well-earned reward that will enhance the recipient’s profile, making it a compelling reason to apply.
  • An Unbiased Neutral & Authentic Award
    Finalists and winners will be selected through an unbiased and strict evaluation process, purely based on qualitative and quantitative performance indicators, regardless of their size, scale, and presence. The Award process will celebrate professionalism, achievement and success in a transparent manner, giving every applicant an equal chance to win the prestigious awards.
  • An International Jury
    The IPSC 2021 Awards Jury Council will be an illustrious mix of internationally qualified industry experts who are acclaimed for their leadership and knowledge and are well respected for their integrity. Each applicant can rest assured that their submission will undergo objective, fair and trusted assessment.
  • Easy Application Process
    The Award application process will be simple and easy to comprehend. While these steps can be understood from our website, we will further explain the process for the benefit of all applicants during the Webinar.

LAST but not the least – Due to several requests, the Award nomination deadline has now been extended to 15th October 2021.
So do join us on October 8, on how to apply for these Awards.
For more information on the awards,
visit https://blueoceanconferences.org/ipsc/ipsc-2021-dubai/awards.html


  • Forum :SCM Forum
  • Seminar :IPSC-2021 Awards
  • Topic :IPSC 2021 Awards – An exclusive Webinar to guide you on How to Apply for the International Procurement & Supply Chain 2021 Awards
  • Date :08th September 2021
  • Time :7.00 – 9.00pm (Dubai, UAE Time)
  • Phone :+971 5499 367 39
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