Manpower planning is a very important component of HR management. A thorough assessment of the present resources and the future estimated resources is done.
Job analysis helps in analyzing the resources and establishing the strategies to accomplish the business goals and strategic objectives. Effectively developed, employee job descriptions and job specifications will help to hire quality workforce. In this module you will understand the importance of effective manpower planning, how is it linked to the success of the organization, and how manpower planning is a vital strategic tool? You will also be able to develop a plan that results in optimum staffing which helps to achieve the organizational goal.
The objective of this program will be to help participants to:
  • Demonstrate the importance of job descriptions in the wider context of Human Resources.
  • Conduct a job analysis to obtain information for the preparation of job descriptions and other purposes.
  • Write job descriptions to cover the wider requirements of Human Resources.
  • Explain competencies in terms of what they are and how they are used.
  • Write competency-based job descriptions.
Benefits of the program for the organization:
  • Manpower equipped with new skills and knowledge to deliver desired output, helping the organization to achieve its goals and objectives efficiently and effectively through optimum utilization of resources in a much organized way.
  • Human Resources professionals working in compensation who need to improve their skills in this field. The program is also suitable for professionals working in other areas of Human Resources who wish to acquire an intimate knowledge of the job analysis and job description writing processes.