Kaizen Training Course

Course Overview 

Every business strives for continuous improvement (Kaizen) in order to satisfy customer demand and maintain competitiveness. Whilst some initiatives may bring about some instant success, momentum can soon be lost if the continuous improvement activities are not embedded within the organisation and its culture. This Kaizen training course shows you one method of bringing about permanent productive change within your organisation.

What you will learn

At the conclusion of the Kaizen training course each delegate will be able to appreciate:-

  • Where waste (non-value added activities) can be found in an organisation
  • The kaizen approach to incremental improvement
  • The soft managerial skills required by managers to both implement and sustain a Kaizen culture
  • Improvement metrics – KPIs
  • How to identify prioritised areas for improvement

 Course Content

  • Introduction
  • Understanding the origins of Kaizen
  • Making waste visible – identifying the non value added activities in your organisation
  • Examples of lean tools to be used to support kaizen events such as 5S and Value Stream Mapping
  • Three Kaizen approaches – Just Do it, Kaizen Events (PDCA) and Kaizen Blitz
  • Root Cause Analysis – Ishikawa (Cause & Effect) and 5 Whys
  • How to successfully implement a Kaizen culture?
  • How to structure a Kaizen team?
  • MBWA – The Gemba Walk
  • The Task Board
  • Sustaining a Kaizen Culture