Leadership and Management Skills training course

In the present business landscape, leadership is not confined to one single person. The current trend emphasizes the growing significance of a shared leadership culture. Inorder to foster a workforce of leaders, individuals must be trained to get euipped with skills required to picture themselves as great leaders and mentors.


 The Leadership and Management corporate training offered at Blue Ocean Corporation, is designed to empower current and aspiring leaders with the knowledge and strategies required to effectively lead and manage teams, drive performance, and navigate complex challenges with confidence.

Course Objective

  • Learn to develop skills that are essential for new managers
  • Gather a comprehensive understanding of different leadership styles, approaches, and theories.
  • Foster teamwork and motivation to create a high-performance team
  • Learn about various strategic management plans to drive organizational growth
  • Enhance your ability to easily adapt to unexpected changes and lead a team through uncertainty


Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Leadership and Management

Module 2: Essential Skills for New Managers

Module 3: Goal Setting and Planning Management

Module 4: Time Management and Effective Communication Skills

Module 5: Effectiveness of Interpersonal Interactions

Module 6: Personal and Group Work Planning

Module 7: Strategic and Change Management