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Leadership and Management Training Course

Leadership and Management Training

Leadership and Management Training

Course Objectives

By the end of the Leadership and Management Training course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the various management functions and the skills associated with each one of them.
  • Develop key managerial competencies essential in conducting related tasks and activities.
  • Apply a coaching approach to improve performance and maximize results.
  • Distinguish between types of motivational approaches and when to utilize each.
  • Employ a variety of analytical and problem-solving tools and methods when dealing with business challenges.
  • Improve essential leadership habits critical to the success of a professional manager.

Course Outline


  • Defining the organization
  • Defining management
  • Identifying the professional manager
  • What do professional managers do?
  • Professional managers and business ethics
  • Management: art or science?
  • Factors which impact the management function
  • Essential managerial functions
  • The 6 steps in planning

Managerial competencies and styles

  • Defining a competency
  • Key competencies for a professional manager
  • A review of different management styles
  • Factors that influence management styles
  • Reasons why some managers fail

Effective coaching for professional managers

  • Coaching versus management
  • Coaching and the competency iceberg
  • Impact of coaching on workplace environment
  • 5 powerful words in coaching

Management and motivation

  • Defining motivation
  • Key motivational theories professional managers should be aware of
  • Leading towards a motivated work environment
  • Job design
  • Goal setting
  • Performance feedback
  • Reward systems
  • Motivating a multi-cultural workforce

Managing business challenges

  • 10 challenges facing professional managers
  • A rational approach to managing problems and finding solutions
  • Business tools for professional managers

Management and leadership

  • Defining leadership
  • Differences between leaders and managers
  • The 6 levels of leadership
  • Leadership characteristics and habits of professional managers
  • Personal Action Plan
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