Who Should Attend?

Managers, supervisors, and team leaders who are responsible for building, and maintaining, effective teams in the workplace.

Course Objectives

  • To clearly identify the principle characteristics of high performing teams
  • To provide a powerful platform on which delegates can build, and develop, effective team leadership skills
  • To explore the different team leadership styles, and learn the team role preferences of the delegates
  • To examine the skills required for effective communication within teams
  • To analyse the qualities required to lead a team towards consistent levels of high performance

Programme Content


  • What Is ‘High Performance’?
  • What Are The Characteristics That Make ‘High Performing Teams’ Different From Other Teams?
  • Defining Leadership
  • The Behaviours, Skills, Qualities, Etc., Needed To Lead A High Performance Team
  • Skills To Be A Better Leader
  • Managing Vs Leading
  • Practical Examples Of Leadership In Action
    > Redefining – What Can We Do Better?
    > Action-Centred Leadership
  • Creating An Environment For High Performance
  • How Do We Measure Performance?
  • Setting Goals And Objectives
    > The Benefits Of Objective Setting
    > The Difficulties Associated With Objective Setting
    > SMART(ER) Objectives
  • Solving Problems Associated With Performance


  • A Reminder Of The Characteristics Of High Performance Teams
  • A Closer Look At Communication
    > The Communication Process
    > First Impressions
    > Active Listening
    > Overcoming The Barriers To Effective Communication
    > Good Questioning Techniques
  • Giving And Receiving Feedback
    > A Formula For Giving Feedback
    > How To Ensure Your Team Deals Correctly With Feedback
  • Delegation
    > How To Delegate
    > Levels Of Delegation
    > Willingness Vs Ability
  • Where Is Your Team Focused?
  • Motivation
    > What Is Motivation?
    > The Benefits Of Motivation
    > The Signs Of Demotivation
    > Brainstorm Ideas To Better Motivate Your Team
  • Teambuilding Activity