Leading High Performance Teams Program

The Leading High Performance Teams program is a 2-days short educational program intended for leaders. It inculcates its delegates with the vision of a high performance team, and provides them with specific guidelines to enhance their team’s performance. The program offers the right blend of lectures, practical sessions, and discussions. High performance teams result from a cooperative and conscious effort to build trust, and develop problem solving skills and behaviors. It is founded on the idea that almost every goal is achieved through the coordinated and concreted work of teams. The success and productivity of teams is drastically influenced by the ability of the team to operate as a cohesive unit. What are the objectives of the program? The leading high performance teams program strives to :
  • Bring out efficient performance from a team with a variety of attitudes, skills and behavior/cognitive styles.
  • Guide and promote a group of people to sole abstract problems productively.
  • Create a group of people into a cohesive team which shares a devotion to a common objective.
  • Form a productive and positive atmosphere within a project team.
  • Improving team performance by enhancing collaboration and cohesion.
  • Prevent costly delays owing to unresolved conflicts and issues.
  • Identify and prevent issues before they occur.
  • Enhance the bottom line by getting individuals to work together fast.
  • Develop enduring relationships that team members can carry on to subsequent projects.
What does the program include? The program includes a variety of topics under the titles introduction to leading high performance teams; stages of team development; listening skills; problem solving; meeting management; team collaboration; meeting management; team collaboration; decision making; conflict resolution; and promoting continuous learning. What do candidates achieve by attending this program?
  • The skills required to be an effective team leader and member.
  • The techniques and tools needed to construct and maintain high performance teams.
  • The ability and confidence to effectively deal with challenging situations faced in a team.
  • The capacity to apply leadership skills to foster team collaboration, communication, and performance.
  • The capability to utilize team resources to recognize and overcome hindrances.
  • The skills for team communication tools, techniques and strategies to ensure positive results.
  • Best practices for handling virtual teams.
  • The capability to conduct effective and result-producing team meetings.
  • The capability to utilize ongoing assessment and feedback tools to track team progress.
So, all kinds of team leaders, team members, supervisors, managers, project leaders, program leaders, and people who intend to lead teams to high performance can benefit by taking up the Leading High Performance Teams program.

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