Leading High Performance Teams Training Course
Leading High Performance Teams Training Course

Who Should Attend?

Managers, supervisors, and team leaders who are responsible for building, and maintaining, effective teams in the workplace.

Course Objectives

  • To clearly identify the principle characteristics of high performing teams
  • To provide a powerful platform on which delegates can build, and develop, effective team leadership skills
  • To explore the different team leadership styles, and learn the team role preferences of the delegates
  • To examine the skills required for effective communication within teams
  • To analyse the qualities required to lead a team towards consistent levels of high performance

Program Content


  • What Is ‘High Performance’?
  • What Are The Characteristics That Make ‘High Performing Teams’ Different From Other Teams?
  • Defining Leadership
  • The Behaviours, Skills, Qualities, Etc., Needed To Lead A High Performance Team
  • Skills To Be A Better Leader
  • Managing Vs Leading
  • Practical Examples Of Leadership In Action
    > Redefining – What Can We Do Better?
    > Action-Centred Leadership
  • Creating An Environment For High Performance
  • How Do We Measure Performance?
  • Setting Goals And Objectives
    > The Benefits Of Objective Setting
    > The Difficulties Associated With Objective Setting
    > SMART(ER) Objectives
  • Solving Problems Associated With Performance


  • A Reminder Of The Characteristics Of High Performance Teams
  • A Closer Look At Communication
    > The Communication Process
    > First Impressions
    > Active Listening
    > Overcoming The Barriers To Effective Communication
    > Good Questioning Techniques
  • Giving And Receiving Feedback
    > A Formula For Giving Feedback
    > How To Ensure Your Team Deals Correctly With Feedback
  • Delegation
    > How To Delegate
    > Levels Of Delegation
    > Willingness Vs Ability
  • Where Is Your Team Focused?
  • Motivation
    > What Is Motivation?
    > The Benefits Of Motivation
    > The Signs Of Demotivation
    > Brainstorm Ideas To Better Motivate Your Team
  • Teambuilding Activity